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How Long Will My Flag Last?

The major enemies of a flag are wind, sun, and carelessness... the single greatest cause of flag deterioration. Neither you nor we can control the weather, but you can take care of your flag and lengthen its life. Occasional washing in warm mild detergent water will prevent dirt and pollutants from attacking the fabric. To prevent mildew, let your flag dry thoroughly before storing. Have your flag repaired at the first sign of fraying. Don't wait for it to be blown to shreds. Continuous day and night display will shorten a flags life. Our flags are manufactured to give maximum service in return for reasonable care and prudent use.

Remember no two flags wear the same. Because weather conditions vary, the life of each flag is different. Your flag works hard. It whips... it snaps... it bakes... it flutters... it furls... it flaps... it flies... it hangs! Is it any wonder that it needs to be replaced two or three times a year? The best way to stretch your "flag dollars" is to have three flags: one flying, one in the wash, and a clean one in reserve for special occasions.

Six Different Qualities - The Choice is Yours

Here is a breakdown of the six different flag qualities we offer, and the unique advantages of each.

Hercules Poly: Hercules Poly has proven itself in the industry to be one of the better flag fabrics on the market. This unique fabric gives you added life, similar to spun polyester, but flies and gives one the look of a nylon flag. Hercules Poly is bright and beautiful while flying but it does not collect dirt and pollution as bad as other flag fabrics. These qualities enable the flag to keep its beautiful appearance over the life of the flag, it is exceptionally well suited for industrial, institutional, and commercial users that require added flag life with little upkeep. Hercules Poly is also perfect for the severe weather regions where a polyester flag is a necessity. Try it, you'll be glad you did.

Commercial Grade Nylon: is the most versatile flag fabric available. Its combination of strength and brilliant display, along with its quick-drying ability, make it suitable for a wide range of applications. Great in rainy areas, its light-weight and close weave enable it to fly in the slightest breeze, giving the fullest visual effect. Starting with flag sizes of 6' x 10' and up our nylon US and Texas flags are made with 210 dernier nylon, same nylon they use in auto airbags.

Extra Tough Poly: We are proud to include the Extra Tough Poly in our product line. It is woven of two-ply polyester yarn that combines the strength of polyester with additional richness of color that has made it a favorite of flag users nationwide - used as a more durable alternative to older cotton flags. Flags made in this material need winds of 10 MPH or greater to achieve lift.

Ultra Tough Poly: Much like our Extra Tough Poly, this is a woven two-ply polyester yarn that combines the strength of polyester with additional richness of color. The Ultra Tough has greater color-fastness and UV resistance than standard flags or its Extra Tough cousin. Flags made in this material need winds of 12 MPH or greater to achieve lift.

Mercerized Cotton: Cotton is a traditional and great looking flag material. This natural fiber bunting is made of heavyweight 2x2 ply mercerized cotton. It combines extremely rich, vibrant, long-lasting colors and good wearing quality for excellent overall appearance and value. For flags being flown outdoors, we recommend our Extra-Tough as a suitable alternative.

Econo Line: A sheerer polyester, all flags in this material are printed.

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