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Home > Commercial Grade Flagpoles, Aluminum Flagpoles Made In America > Commercial Aluminum Flagpoles For Sale, Made In America > Sentry Flag Poles, Made In America (196) Our Sentry flag poles feature an internal, rope-based halyard designed for economical commercial flag pole installations.

Most Common Aluminum Finishes
Actual colors may vary from what is seen on your screen.

Anodized Colors
Powder Coat
Satin Natural Dark Bronze Black

white, black, brown

Anodized finish - A finish achieved by immersing the material into an acid solution and passing a direct current through the material in such a manner as to form a durable oxide film on the surface of the flagpole shaft. This is meant to increase resistance to corrosion and abrasion. An anodized finish can be attained in Natural, black or Dark bronze. 

Exposed height plus 10% makes overall height of flag Pole !!!

Sentry Flag Poles
Rope Based Internal Halyard System

Made In The USA

Sentry Flagpole Architectural Drawing and Information (PDF)

Internal halyard flagpoles provide the best solution to the problem of vandalism. This product replaces the winch and steel cable assembly with a less expensive internal rope system using an internal cam action cleat inside a heavily reinforced door frame assembly. The frame is attached to the flagpole shaft with stainless steel bolts. 

Standard fittings :

  • Internal Halyard

  • Spun Aluminum Ball

  • Revolving Truck Assembly

  • Nylon braided halyard

  • Spun Aluminum Collar

  • Lightning protection ground sleeve

  • 2 Snap Hooks

    Graphic of Retainer Ring Assembly

Options available include hard shell cast collars

This model has a revolving truck & lightning protection ground sleeve as standard.  

Please call or email with Zip code for freight expense

Flag Pole Wind Ratings

5 % Discount On Five Plus Flag Poles and 10% Discount on Ten Plus Flag Poles

Exposed height plus 10% makes overall height of flagpole !!!

Prices do NOT include freight. Click on a specific pole to request a freight quote, or call us.

Part NumberExposed HeightBase DiameterWall ThicknessShaft SectionsSatin FinishNatural AnodizedDuranodic
Bronze or Black
Powder CoatShipping Weight
30x5x15630'5.000.156"1 or 2$1727.00$1922.00$1986.00$1912.00151
30x5x18830'5.000.188"1 or 2$1896.00$2092.00$2154.00$2079.00171
30x6x15630'6.000.156"1 or 2$2061.00$2285.00$2362.00$2244.00222
30x6x18830'6.000.188"1 or 2$2143.00$2372.00$2448.00$2328.00242
35x5x15635'5.000.156"1 or 2$1871.00$2095.00$2180.00$2080.00218
35x5x18835'5.000.188"1 or 2$2061.00$2285.00$2370.00$2264.00224
35x6x15635'6.000.156"1 or 2$2148.00$2410.00$2517.00$2364.00229
35x6x18835'6.000.188"1 or 2$2642.00$2904.00$3012.00$2844.00245
35x7x15635'7.000.156"1 or 2$2456.00$2778.00$2885.00$2695.00261
35x7x18835'7.000.188"1 or 2$2700.00$3018.00$3128.00$2927.00277
40x7x15640'7.000.156"1 or 2$2815.00$3176.00$3277.00$3080.00291
All prices listed in US Dollars.

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