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Available Aluminum Finishes

Dark Bronze

Due to digital reproduction, colors are for display purposes only.

Anodized finishes are achieved by immersing the material into an acid solution and passing a direct current through the material in such a manner as to form a durable oxide film on the surface of the flagpole shaft. This is meant to increase resistance to corrosion and abrasion. An anodized finish can be attained in Natural, black or Dark bronze.

Aluminum flagpoles contain recycled material. Due the recycled materials, the anodization process WILL create natural color variations. This becomes VERY apparent in the colored anodized flagpoles. This becomes EXTREMELY important when purchasing multiple flagpoles with colored anodization. No two Duranodic bronze or black flagpoles look the same. There are natural color variations in every Duranodic bronze or black flagpole AND natural color shade variations between Duranodic bronze or black flagpoles.

On our internal rope based flagpoles with raised doors (Sentry & Nightmaster) the raised locking door is composed of cast aluminum. Due to this the raised doors cannot be anodized. They will be powder coated to match the flagpoles as closely as possible but it will not be an identical match.

When purchasing multiple bronze or black flagpoles, we recommend a powder coat finish to achieve an almost identical appearance.

If you have questions or concerns please contact us at 512-847-0010 or by e-mail at

Go GREEN and Save!

Now with our Revolutionary New LED Dome Downlight!

Made In The USAThis external halyard system utilizes the traditional method for raising and lowering flags. Architectural Grade cone-tapered aluminum flagpoles suitable for use in most wind conditions flying maximum size or multiple flags. Exposed Heights of 20' to 50'. A selection of shaft diameters and wall thickness offered for most exposed heights to meet needs and to offer the best overall value.

Standard fittings:

  • External nylon braided halyard
  • LED Dome Downlight with stationary truck that provides 723 delivered lumens
  • Beautiful GOLD Dome eliminates the need for a separate ornament
  • Shoe base mount to accept electrical conduit, complete with hex nut covers
  • Driver/Transformer (please specify voltage - 120, 277, or 24VDC)
  • 2 Snap Hooks
  • Cast Aluminum Cleat

Available options: additional lead by the foot, dusk to dawn photocell, and high-profile split flash collar to accomodate shoebase mount.

NightHawk shafts are available in single or multiple sections to allow for economic shipping alternatives.

Includes our Revolutionary New LED Dome Downlight

Dome Downlight comes complete with stationary truck, beautiful GOLD dome, 40-foot of low voltage lead, NEMA 3R enclosure, and driver/transformer.

With optional dusk-to-dawn photocell, our LED Dome Downlight will last approximately 50,000 hours (10+ years) with ZERO maintenance.

Product Documentation

NightHawk Spec Sheets
Installation Overview
120V and 277V Wiring Guide
Multiple Pole Wiring Guide

Prices do NOT include freight. Click on a specific pole to request a freight quote, or call us.

Exposed HeightBase DiameterWall ThicknessShaft SectionsPrice with
Stationary Truck
Price with
Revolving Truck
30'5.00"0.125"1 or 2$2107.00$2327.00
30'5.00"0.156"1 or 2$2594.00$2814.00
30'6.00"0.156"1 or 2$2594.00$2814.00
30'6.00"0.188"1 or 2$2679.00$2899.00
35'6.00"0.156"1 or 2$2679.00$2899.00
35'7.00"0.156"1 or 2$2957.00$3177.00
35'7.00"0.188"1 or 2$3194.00$3414.00
All prices listed in US Dollars.

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