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338 Ft US Flag
338' tall pole flying a 60' X 120' flag
When the desired exposed height of a flagpole exceeds 80', for many of the installations involving a large flagpole and flag on the roof of a tall building, heavy wall sectional steel flagpoles are the only answer to meet the structural needs of an installation of that magnitude. All sectional steel flagpoles are engineered to meet ANSI/NAAMM FP-1001-97 Guide Specifications for Design Loads of Metal Flagpoles. All sizes listed below are designed using wind loads of 130 mph unflagged and 90 mph flagged with the flag size listed.

Each flagpole is constructed from A-36 carbon steel with a yield point of 36,000 PSI. At each section, steel diameter reducers are also applied to give the overall flagpole a tapered-like appearance. A heavy duty, 18" diameter combination Ball/Truck assembly which utilizes dual sealed precision bearings on a stainless steel spindle and finished in a long lasting gold powdercoat is standard equipment. The stainless steel gearless winch is protected behind a lockable door. All cabling is stainless steel and the retainer ring assemblies are constructed from 2" diameter rollers. All cable ends are double crimped. A corrugated steel foundation sleeve is supplied and is covered after installation with a fabricated flash collar.

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Part NumberExposed
Approx. Weight
Wind Load
100x14x500100'14.000.500"3539330' x 50'130+$20484.00
120x16x500120'16.000.500"4795730' x 50'130+$25762.00
130x18x500130'18.000.500"4980430' x 60'130+$31397.00
140x20x500140'20.000.500"51149630' x 60'130+$34536.00
150x24x500150'24.000.500"51339730' x 60'130+$38159.00
All prices listed in US Dollars.

Larger heights available - call us for details and quotes.

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